Q: What is XS.TO ?

A: is free image hosting that lets you upload, link, and share your images on forums, websites and social networks

Q: Can I view other user's profiles and images?

A: You only can view images if the owner allow images to be public

Q: Can I make my images private

A: You can make images private only if you are a registred member.

Q: Can i hotlink images on forums and websites?

A: Yes hotlink is allowed, only paste the "Direct Link" code, available at the upload-result page

Q: What file types are supported?

A: Images of the file types JPG, GIF and PNG are supported.

Q: How long are images stored?

A: Images are stored for life time (see our terms of service).

Q: What are tags?

A: Tags are words and phrases that you can enter to describe an image. 

Q: I registered account, how many images can I store?

A: There are no limits.